History 1


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Vocabulary List

(verb) to oppose or fight against something
(noun) brave behavior or character
(noun) great ability or skill
(adjective) full of confusion, disorder or violence


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Lozen was an Apache, or Nde, woman.
She opposed U.S. and Mexican domination.
She was famous because she was brave, had great military skills, and worked hard to make sure that the Apache were safe during a period of chaos and violence.


Lozen, an Apache, or Nde, woman who resisted U.S. and Mexican domination, was known for her bravery, military prowess, and dedication to her people’s safety during a tumultuous period in Apache history.
– What is the subject of this sentence?
– Is the subject singular or plural?
– What is the tense of the sentence?
– Is this an active or passive sentence?
– Is there a noun, adjective or adverb clause in this sentence?