Idioms with FOR

for good
forever; permanently
He’s going back to his hometown for good.

for my money
in my opinion
For my money, he’s the greatest actor of all time.

for old times’ sake
in order to remember the good times in the past
Let’s meet and have dinner, for old times’ sake.

for someone’s sake
in order to help or please someone
Please do it for your mother’s sake.

for the sake of it
for no particular reason
We drove around town just for the sake of it.

for long
for a long period of time
Have you known him for long?

for sure
certainly; definitely; without a doubt
No one knows for sure what really happened.

for show
done merely for the sake of appearance
That computer is just for show. He doesn’t really know how to use it.

for nothing
free; without any payment
My dad said he would fix it for nothing.

for nothing
with no reward or result
We drove all the way down there for nothing.