Idioms with ON

on occasion
from time to time; sometimes but not often
They continue to work with us on occasion.

on average
usually; typically
On average, how many cakes do you sell every day?

on hand
available and ready when needed
The emergency services are on hand with medical advice.

on short notice
only a short time before something happens
He had to leave on a business trip on short notice.

on the ground
among the general public
There is a lot of support for the policy on the ground.

on board
involved with something or working for an organization
It’s good to have you on board for this project.

on duty
working at a particular time
He can’t take any personal calls while he’s on duty.

on hold
delayed until a later time or date
The plan has been put on hold indefinitely.

on paper
in writing
You need to put some of these ideas down on paper.

on point
appropriate or relevant to the situation
His criticisms about the plan were on point.