Idioms with TAKE

take it
to assume
So, can I take it that you’ll be at the meeting?

take it easy
to stay calm or not be worried
Take it easy. Everything is going to be just fine.

take it from me
believe me
It will not work. Take it from me.

take it or leave it
either accept something or refuse it
I’ll give you $500 for the camera. Take it or leave it.

take it upon yourself
to decide to do something without being asked
He took it upon himself to support that family.

take a bow
to recognize and acknowledge praise
The organizer should take a bow for the successful festival.

take a beating
to lose very badly in a game or competition
His team took a real beating on Saturday.

take a back seat
to become less important
Other issues must take a back seat while we are dealing with this.

take a chance
to do something even though it involves risk
He took a chance and set up his own company.

take a hit
to be badly affected by something
The garment industry took a hit last year.