Idioms with UNDER

under fire
being criticized
He is under fire from his political opponents.

under oath
having made a formal promise to tell the truth in court
He admitted that he had lied under oath.

under the counter
secretly and usually illegally
The workers were paid under the counter.

under the sun
in the world; in existence
There is nothing new under the sun.

under the weather
not feeling well; feeling sick
He looked a little under the weather when I saw him.

under wraps
secret; known to only a few people
The project has been kept under wraps for years.

under pressure
in a state of anxiety because of having too much to do
His team performs well under pressure.

under the radar
unnoticed; not getting attention
In its early years, the band stayed largely under the radar.

under the table
secretly and illegally
Payments were made under the table to local officials.

under the same roof
in the same building or house
They’re good friends but they could never live under the same roof.