Phrasal Verbs with SET

set about
to start doing something
They set about designing a new program.

set aside
to keep or save something for a particular purpose
We need to set some money aside for the trip.

set aside
to not let something influence you
They agreed to set aside their differences and work together.

set apart
to make someone or something different and special
Her great passion sets her apart from the other teachers.

set against
to cause someone to oppose another person
The civil war set brother against brother.

set back
to delay the progress of someone or something
A lack of funding has set back research on the disease.

set back
to cost someone a particular amount of money
It’s a useful gadget and will only set you back $20.

set down
to create a rule, requirement, etc.
They must follow the guidelines set down by the committee.

set forth
to begin a journey
They set forth on a voyage into the unknown.

set forth
to present or explain something in a clear, organized way
She set forth the basis of her approach to teaching students.

set off
to start a journey
They set off early the next morning.

set off
to cause something to start or happen
The invasion set off a major international crisis.

set off
to make an alarm start ringing
The thick smoke set off the fire alarms.

set out
to start doing something with a particular aim
They set out to discover a cure for the disease.

set out
to explain, describe, or arrange something
She sets out her plans for the department in her report.

set up
to start a company, organization etc.
He plans to set up his own business.

set up
to arrange for something to happen
I’ll set up a meeting for Wednesday.

set up
to build or put a structure in a particular place
They have set up roadblocks around the city.

set up
to prepare something for use
I need help to set up the equipment.

set up
to trick someone by making them appear guilty of something
He claims that he’s innocent and someone set him up.