Phrasal Verbs with STAND

stand by
to be ready to do something
Operators are standing by to take the calls.

stand by
to continue to support or be loyal to someone
We knew he would stand by us no matter what we’d done.

stand for
to be an abbreviation of something
UFO stands for ‘unidentified flying object.’

stand for
to support or represent something
He hated that party and all it stood for.

stand aside
to not get involved in something
Don’t just stand aside and let others do all the work.

stand in
to do someone else’s job temporarily
She asked me to stand in for her while she was away.

stand out
to be very easy to see or notice
He is very tall, so he always stands out in a crowd.

stand out
to be much better than other people or things
As a student, she stood out from the rest.

stand up
to remain true or correct when tested or examined
We all knew his story wouldn’t stand up in court.

stand up for
to support or defend someone or something
You have to stand up for what you believe in.