Quiz Lady Trailer

Vocabulary List

(noun) the way in which words are put together to form a sentence or phrase
(noun) a child whose parents are both dead
run away
(verb) to leave a place secretly, especially in order to avoid something unpleasant
(verb) to need to give someone back money that they have lent you
(noun) a thousand pounds or dollars
look out
(verb) to pay attention to what is happening around you so that you do not get hurt or into trouble
(adjective) not standing or lying down
get through
(verb) to succeed in dealing with a difficult or unpleasant situation
(verb) to give someone a medicine or treatment that they are supposed to take
(verb) to make a sudden, short, sharp sound
throw up
(verb) to vomit

Grammar Lesson

In this lesson, we will learn to build sentences using:
  • That was…
  • I meant…
  • There has to be…

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