Idioms with BY

by accident
in a way that is not planned or intended
We met by accident.

by all means
certainly; of course
“Can I make a suggestion?” “By all means.”

by no means
not at all
It’s difficult, but by no means impossible.

by and large
in general
By and large, the arrangements have worked well.

by any chance
used when asking questions in a polite way
Are you free tomorrow night, by any chance?

by choice
because you want to, not because you must
I live here by choice.

by default
happening only because something else is not done
If nobody opposes him, he will become leader by default.

by design
on purpose; intentionally
The meeting happened by accident, not by design.

by hook or by crook
by any method possible
He was determined to succeed by hook or by crook.

by leaps and bounds
very quickly
Her English has improved by leaps and bounds.