Idioms with IN

in a flash
very quickly or suddenly
Opportunities come and go in a flash.

in a heartbeat
very quickly, without thinking about it
If I got the chance to travel abroad, I’d go in a heartbeat.

in a nutshell
very briefly; in essence
In a nutshell, the concert was a disaster.

in a pinch
if it becomes necessary and you have no choice
I can help out in a pinch if you need a babysitter.

in a spin
very confused or worried
His decision to resign put his colleagues in a spin.

in kind
in the same way
They mocked him and he responded in kind.

in earnest
more seriously than before
Renovation work will start in earnest next week.

in jeopardy
in danger of being lost or harmed
The crisis put thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

in bad faith
in a dishonest and improper way
The agreement was made in bad faith.

in good faith
with honest and sincere intentions
They had entered into the contract in good faith.