Phrasal Verbs with BREAK

break down
to stop working properly
My car broke down on the highway last week.

break down
to fail because of a problem or disagreement
Negotiations with management broke down.

break down
to lose control of your feelings and start crying
She broke down and cried when she heard the news.

break down
to change as a result of a chemical process
Food is broken down in the stomach.

break down
to divide something into smaller parts
The question can be broken down into two parts.

break away
to leave a group, political party etc.
Two members of the band broke away and formed a new group.

break in
to enter a house, building, etc. illegally
Someone tried to break in while they were away.

break off
to end something suddenly
They had a fight and broke off their engagement.

break out
to start happening suddenly
A fire broke out in the kitchen.

break up
to end a relationship, marriage, etc.
The couple broke up last year.