Phrasal Verbs with CHECK

check in
to report your arrival at an airport or hotel
Passengers are advised to check in two hours before the flight.

check in
to leave your bags or suitcases to be put on a plane
He took a taxi to the airport and checked in his suitcase.

check on
to check for any problems; to make sure that someone is safe
I’ll go and check on the kids.

check out
to leave a hotel after paying and returning your room key
They have already checked out of the hotel.

check out
to be proven to be correct, true, etc.
His story just didn’t check out.

check off
to mark an item on a list to show it is correct or has been dealt with
She checked off the name of each member as they arrived.

check back
to talk to someone again to find out new information
I don’t have an update today, but check back tomorrow.

check up on
to make sure that someone is doing what they should be doing
Her mother is always checking up on her.

check over
to examine something carefully
Each article has been checked over for errors.

check through
to examine something carefully
We checked through his documents but found nothing useful.