Phrasal Verbs with FALL

fall apart
to be in very bad condition
His old car is falling apart.

fall back
to move or turn back
The crowd fell back when the police arrived.

fall back on
to use something when other things have failed
He had to fall back on his savings when his business failed.

fall behind
to make less progress than other people
She is falling behind with her school work.

fall behind
to fail to pay something on time
He fell behind with his mortgage payments.

fall for
to be tricked or deceived by something
He said he was an art collector, and they fell for it.

fall into
to start doing something by chance
I fell into my career quite by accident.

fall off
to decrease in quantity or quality
Sales have been falling off recently.

fall out
to have an argument
They fell out over coaching tactics.

fall through
to fail to happen
Despite all his efforts, the deal fell through.