Phrasal Verbs with LIVE

live by
to follow a particular belief or set of principles
She tried to live by her faith.

live for
to think of something as the most important part of your life
He lives for his wife and children.

live on
to continue to exist
He died many years ago but his memory lives on.

live on
to only eat a particular type of food
She practically lives on fast food.

live on
to have enough money for the basic things you need to live
His salary is not enough to live on.

live off
to get the money you need to live from someone or something
He’s still living off his parents.

live out
to do something that you have thought or dreamed of doing
The job enabled her to live out her dreams.

live with
to accept and deal with something unpleasant
You have to learn to live with stress.

live through
to experience and survive a difficult situation or event
Both men lived through two world wars.

live up to
to be as good as what was expected or promised
The vacation lived up to our expectations.