Phrasal Verbs with SIT

sit down
to be in a sitting position or get into a sitting position
Sit down and finish your breakfast.

sit back
to sit in a relaxed position
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

sit back
to take no action
We can’t just sit back and let them do that.

sit around
to spend time doing nothing useful
He just sits around watching TV every day.

sit through
to stay until the end of something
I had to sit through another boring meeting.

sit by
to take no action when something bad is happening
We cannot just sit by and let this happen.

sit in
to attend something without being involved
Do you mind if I sit in on your class?

sit in for
to do someone’s job or duties while they are away or sick
Linda is sick today, so Jane is sitting in for her.

sit on
to delay dealing with something
He has been sitting on my report for over a month now.

sit out
to not take part in something
He had to sit out the game because of a knee injury.